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Vaga Bond: Oh, the places you'll go, the people you'll meet!

It’s a blustery day at Sunset Beach, one of those rare Florida days when you wear your yoga pants and a sweater all day long, crave multiple cups of strong Irish Breakfast tea, and seriously consider taking an early nap.

It does strike me that St. Pete FL weather is so consistently pleasant that when we do get an indoor day, it feels like finding an unanticipated treat. There’s no going outside because the wind is so gusty that the 25th Annual Treasure Island Sport Kite Competition was delayed because any kites launched right now would end up circling Africa.

My friends, the sea is angry this day. Salty spray coats your lips, the wind hustles you along the boardwalk, it roars in both ears, and the sea foam chases you off the beach. It’s nature at its most terrifying and magnificent.

I’d also like to introduce you some of the new people I’ve met. They're not terrifying. They're from Cincinnati.

My beach cottage neighbors, the fine folks at Gulf Spray (aptly named) like to enjoy the sunshine in the shared central courtyard. We’ve met. I was surprised to find that the majority of them are from Ohio and Indiana. Midwesterners seem to prefer Florida’s Gulf Coast. East Coast folks seem to cluster more on the state’s Atlantic side. The polarity probably has something to do with early real estate salesmen and the railroad.

Anyway, I came back from shuffleboard practice and discovered that I had a new John and Sarah Jarad Nantucket Mystery fan club going on.

What’s next? Murder at Gulf Spray Cottages perhaps?


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