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Home again, home again, jiggity jig. For 1 day.

I thoroughly enjoyed my Easter visit to the Burgh with an H. I caught up on the doings with my family and friends, enjoyed an amazing French-inspired meal with my niece at the Poulet Bleu Bistro in Lawrenceville, and caught Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express at the reopened post-COVID-19 O’Reilly Theater.

Nevertheless, it felt great to leave the freezing temperature and snow showers behind and return to the sunshine and 80-degree weather in Tampa Bay/St. Pete. What can I say? I’m a simple soul. Palm trees make me happy.

I’m back to playing VRBO bingo for the next ten days until I move into my condo on May 1st. Today I’m staying at The Inn on Third in St. Pete. It’s a charming old-school (emphasis on old, you need to like that kind of thing) inn in downtown St. Pete. It reminds me of the Inn on the Bay we used to visit on our way to Lake Muskoka when I was a kid. Genuinely friendly hosts and fellow guests, free parking, continental breakfast, super clean rooms, great coffee, comfy bed. It’s everything I look for in an affordable accommodation.

This afternoon I’m heading over the Sunshine Skyway bridge to Sarasota to stay with a Florida Gulf Coast Sisters in Crime friend before we fly to the Malice Domestic mystery writer’s convention in Bethesda, MD this weekend. Yes, I’m back to spinning the great “what city is this, where am I?” roulette wheel again. Yo-ho, it's a writer's life for me!


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