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The Universal Law of Attraction

As I’ve been living in my various Vaga Bond rentals, I’ve become addicted to the real estate listing websites like Redfin and Trulia, checking them daily for new listings while being stunned by the rapidly rising prices. I know a lot of folks are moving to Florida, but I’m hearing that this price increase is happening all over the country.

My plan was to wait a year or so until the housing market cooled off, and then buy a condo, but as I checked the current listings, I couldn’t find anything that I liked. Some condo communities were on the water, but they looked like industrial warehouse-type units you’d see in Soviet Russia. Any smaller houses I could afford were in 10/10 flood zones. It was starting to look like I couldn’t stay in St. Pete.

I gave this some thought over my coffee one morning. I realized that I wasn’t finding anything because I didn’t know what it was that I really wanted. I was confusing the universal Law of Attraction.

The LOA is philosophy or a belief that the thoughts you dwell on manifest these things in your life. If you meditate or dwell on positive things, you will see positive results in your life including health, finances, and relationships. Negative thoughts open the door to negative energy and negative outcomes. When I first started practicing LOA, I worried that it was a naive Pollyanna-type world view. I’ve changed my opinion since then because I’ve seen such positive personal results.

So, what to do about my condo situation? I realized that I needed to determine my desires. What did I actually want? Getting out a handy index card, I made a list of amenities. I determined the maximum amount of money I was willing to invest. Pulling up Google maps, I determined the prime locations, near enough to a beach, a bike path, and a Publix. (This last one's a gimme. This is Florida.) Then, tucking the index card in my wallet, I waited.

The very next morning a new listing popped up on Redfin. Ideal square footage, perfect location, and workable price point. Still wearing my yoga pants, I grabbed my coffee and drove to the address, which had all the amenities I’d listed on my index card. Grabbing my phone, I called Susie, my real estate agent. We scheduled the first showing for the very next day.

When I showed up for the showing, my only uncertainty was if the condo was on the second floor because I hadn’t listed that desire on my index card. It was a serious consideration because of the flooding possibility. As I drove over, I kept repeating, “second floor unit” like a mantra. As soon as I got there, Susie headed for the stairwell, and up we went.

Long story short, I submitted a bid within the hour. Susie called me later that day to let me know the buyers had accepted my offer, and effective May 1st and pending our closing at the end of this month, Vaga Bond has a new home.


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